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Thank you, Carlos!

Carlos Munoz, long time District 3 representative to the ACBL Board of Directors, retired at the end of 2023.

Joann Glasson will be the Regional Director for both District 3 and District 4.    Below is Joann's speech at Carlos' retirement celebration at the Atlanta board meetings.

I knew Carlos only from a distance, exchanging pleasantries at the bridge table since we live in neighboring states and often attended the same tournaments.      In 2017, Carlos and I attended new board member orientation together at ACBL headquarters in Horn Lake, Mississippi.

Over the last six years, I have had the opportunity to get to know and respect the man.  He has always been a colleague whose opinion I listen carefully to and as he possesses extraordinary insight.

Carlos brought a serious business background to the ACBL board.   He understands the world of finance and has a unique ability to examine an issue and see the logical solution.

Carlos chaired the Audit Committee for many years, continually served on the Finance Committee and Executive Director Review Committee.    He brought his considerable intellect and financial savvy to all those roles.   This board loses a true asset at the end of the year.

There has never been an instance when I asked for his help in any situation that he did not make himself immediately available and handle the matter in his usual calm and confident manner.

Early on I nominated Carlos as our best dressed board member.    He comes to every meeting with nary a crease in his clothing, wearing his stylish wardrobe like a model.   He can fling his sweater over his shoulder with ease, looking like he just stepped out of GQ.

With all the contributions that Carlos has made to the ACBL board over the last six years, one of the best is Kassie, who is always by his side, with the smile that lights up the room.

Carlos, thank you for all you have given us – you will really be missed.

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